6 Scope of E-business with Examples

Nowadays the scope of e-business is not limited to only online shopping. In India, till now business is run through methods. Now many companies are taking advantage of e-business and are including this in their tactics.

I have mentioned the scope of business above

1. Business to Business ( B2B )

In B2B both buyer and seller are business entities and arent individual consumers. Here, buyers and sellers are business firms, hence the name B2B i.e business to business. Transactions between business firms come under this type. In B2B business firms interact with each other for various services.

For Example, eworldTrade.

2. Business to consumer ( B2C )

Customer searches for product or services to satisfy their need. Customers negotiate a price at selected vendors Customers receive the product or services, complete payment, and get service and warranty claims.
As the name implies B2C transactions have business firms at one end and their customers on the other end. The transactions under B2B are between consumers and business firms.
For Example, Flipkart,  amazon 

3. Consumer to Business ( C2B )

In Consumer to Business ( C2B ) consumers request a specific service from the business. C2B enables buyers to quote their own price for particular goods or services. consumers post their requests with a set budget online and companies review the customer need and bid out the project.
For Example, taxi services. 

4. Consumer to consumer ( C2C )

Consumer to Consumer facilitates the online transaction of goods and services between two parties. It includes the electronically facilitated transaction between consumers through some third party.
A customer post product for sale and another customer bid to purchase it.  The websites or apps are only intermediaries, just to reach the consumers.
For Example, OLX, and ebay.

5. Business to Administration ( B2A )

The fifth scope of business is B2A. This part of e-commerce contains all transactions conducted online between business and public administration ( Government ).
For example: Getting permits, payment of taxes, and registration of companies.

6. Consumer to Administration ( C2A )

The last scope of E-business is C2A. This part of E-commerce contains all transactions conducted online between consumers and the administration ( government ).
For Example, adhaar card, getting a passport, license;

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