Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP )

In this article, we will discuss Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP ). An  EDP has been described as ‘a programme designed to help a person in strengthening his entrepreneurial goal and in gaining skills and capabilities necessary for playing his entrepreneurial role efficiently’. 

Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP )  is a device through which people with latent entrepreneurial traits are identified, motivated to take up new industrial enterprises, trained in controlling the unit and guided in all aspects of starting an enterprise. 

EDP was first launched in Gujrat in 1970 and was sponsored by the industrial investment corporation. The EDP’s are based on McClelland’s experiments in the Kakinada district of Andhra Pradesh where businessmen were given motivation and training. 

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The Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP ) includes following steps:

  1. Arrangement of Infrastructure. 
  2. Selection of potential entrepreneur. 
  3. Identification of enterprise.
  4. Actual training program.
  5. Selection of training personnel.
  6. Selection of method of training.
  7. The seventh step of EDP is actual training.
  8. The last step of EDP is Monitoring and follow-up. 
Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP )

Objectives of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP ) 

The objectives of EDP are as follow
  1. The first objective of EDP is to foster entrepreneurial growth in the country. 
  2. Optimum use of available resources. 
  3. Development of backward regions and improving the economic status of socially disadvantaged groups.
  4. Generation of employment opportunities. 
  5. The last objective of Entrepreneurship Development Programmes ( EDP ) is widening base for small and medium scale;e industries.
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