Meaning, Functions & Importance of Staffing

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What is Staffing?

Staffing is that part of the method of management which is involved with acquiring, developing, employing, appraising, remunerating, and engaging people so that the correct type of people are open at the correct place and at the proper time in the organization. The right man for the correct job is the basic law of staffing. In the most simplistic words staffing is “putting the proper people to proper jobs”.

Staffing is one of the most basic functions of every organization. In fact, in the vacancy of a good staffing system, no organization can survive for the long term. Hence it is too essential that all the staff (employees) in the organization should select the job according to their experience, talent, ability, and specializations which can only be achievable through a great staffing system.

It is a fact that human resource is one of the best for each organization because in any organization all different resources like- money, material, tool, etc. can be used adequately and efficiently by the positive efforts of human resources.
Thus it can be stated that it is staffing is a crucial function of every business. 

Functions of Staffing 

  • The first function of staffing is to acquire qualified employees for different jobs post in the organization.
  • In staffing, the best person is selected for the best jobs, therefore it leads to the highest productivity and greater performance.
  • It assists in developing the maximum utilization of human resources through different aspects.
  • Job satisfaction and confidence of the workers grow through the recruitment of the best person.
  • Staffing serves to guarantee better utilization of human resources.
  • It assures the connection and growth of the organization, through development directors.

Meaning, Functions & Importance of Staffing

Importance of staffing 

1. Effective Managerial Function

Staffing is the key to the powerful performance of other roles of management such as preparation, organizing, directing, and managing. A skilled workforce can work excellently in several functional areas like production, sales, finance, etc. The outcome of other functions is based on the power of staffing.

2. Leads to effective utilization of Human Resources

Staffing function leads to productive use of human resources i.e workforce, Proper care is taken at every step such as recruitment, selection, placement, remuneration, training, development, etc. An unnecessary load of work is avoided. Maximum utilization of human resources. results in a development in performances and growth of the organization.

3. Builds Cordial Relationship 

This function is essential in building strong relationships between all levels of employees in the organization. A smooth human relationship is a solution to better communication and coordination of managerial efforts in an organization.

4. Helps Human Resource Development

The skilled and experienced worker is an asset of an organization. staffing helps to teach organizational knowledge to employees. it trains and develops the current workforce. It also assures the soft functioning of all the managerial features of the business organization. 

5. Helps in Effective use of Technology and other Resources

Trained Employees can use modern technology, capital, material, and techniques efficiently. It assists in creating the competitive strength of the organization. It is also effective in increasing the standard of works and productivity in terms of quality and quantity. 

6. Improve Efficiency

Training and development plans are given to the employees for self-development and organization development and organizational development. Through proper determination, through proper selection, the organization gets quality employees and through proper education, the performance level of the employees can be increased. 

7. Long Term Effect 

A qualified, experienced, and skilled workforce is always an asset of the organization. Proper choice of employees influences the organization towards the path of success. Generally, long-term positive results can be observed in the performance of an organization.

8. Essential Contribution 

Staffing assure the continuity and growth of the organization through the development of employees. The choice is based on the strength of the prospective employees. So that organization can meet future challenges carefully.

9. Provides job Satisfaction

Employees can be motivated through financial and non-function purposes. fair remuneration increases job satisfaction and confidence of the employees. Training and Development programs, fair pay, and job safety are the factors that are essential in providing job satisfaction.

10. Maintains Harmony

In the staffing process, individuals are selected and placed as well as their performance is continually valued and promotions are provided on the basis of quality. For this, rules are made duly reported to concerned employees. It brings peace and balance to the organization.

                          2. 6 TECHNIQUES OF MANAGEMENT

Staffing Characteristics

The following are the characteristics of staffing:

1. Staffing is not a temporary exercise
2. Staffing is a complex process
3. Staffing is a logical exercise
4. Staffing deals with the present and future requirements
5. Staffing involves people
6. Responsibility for staffing
7. Staffing is a managerial function

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