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Without marketing, many businesses would fail to exist. The original purpose of production is to distribute goods and services by using an active market.

Businesses could have the most marvelous product or services, but if no one acknowledges it exists then the business will not be able to sell their product and service.

There is an important role of marketing to sell products or services. Without marketing, it is tough to approach potential customers.

In the olden day, the role of marketing was only to communicate the product to the customers, but this is not the case today.

Nowadays the importance of marketing is too different. Effective marketing help business survives in a competitive environment. Marketing is the key to the business

World Marketing Association, “Marketing is a core business philosophy which directs the processes of identifying and fulfilling the needs of individuals and organizations through exchanges which create superior value for all parties.



14 major Importance of Marketing are as follows


The main objective of marketing is to engage and get to the targeted market to increase sales. Once marketing builds awareness about the product, new arrivals as well as the firm which sells a special product in the market.

A successful marketing drive helps to boost the sales of the business. An increase in sales gives more profit to the business. This profit is reinvested in the business to earn profits in the future.

 In a new business, the survival of the firm depends on the effectiveness of the marketing role. importance of marketing is a lot in modern business.


From the conception of an idea to giving the ultimate product to the customer, the businessman has to make many decisions.

The businessman has to see after many difficulties such as What, how, when – how much, and for whom to produce? As the scale of operation increases, these decisions be more difficult. Marketing assists to make the right decision at the correct place.

In business, marketing is very important if the business will do marketing in the right way then you can make the right decisions also.


Marketing helps businesses to understand the need of customers Reviews from customers serves in the improvement of the current products. there is a rapid evolution in the tastes and choices of people.  Marketing helps in getting these changes.

 It helps to understand new demand models that appeared in the market. Analysis and improvement department improve products accordingly.

The 4Ps of marketing mix i.e product, value, status, and promotion play a large part in product development. Creativity and innovations are taking place as per the demand by the research and development team of the business.


There is growing competition in nearly all sectors of the economy. It is tough for any business to create a trust for their products and services.

The role of marketing is important to create a brand icon in the mind of customers.

Marketing not only helps to give the product and service to the customers. but also motivates them to buy the product.

sound marketing tactics can portray a better image of the business than the opponent’s business and can make use of new technology for powerful marketing.

Marketing help to beat business competitors. Productive marketing help to capture the whole market.


People want to buy from a company that has a trustworthy reputation. Creating trust amongst customers is a time-consuming process. Creating trust among the customers helps the business to get loyal customers.

Once your business makes this trust with your customers, it creates customer loyalty. Happy customers improve the brand image in the market.

Effective marketing plays an important part in building a relationship between customers and the company.

 A majority of the activities of marketers are focused on building the brand assets of the business.

Trust is an important asset of the business. Businesses take a lot of effort to tell people who are, and why they should buy from you

The most expensive thing in this world is trust cheap business can’t afford it.


Marketing serves in building awareness about the current products, and new accessories as well as the company which sells a particular product in the market.

This raises awareness among inherent consumers. it creates a brand image among the consumers.

Example: iPhone


The production of the marketing function is necessary because it is the only way the company can make revenue or income and bring in profits.

Buskirk has pointed out, “Any activity related to obtaining revenue is a marketing activity. It is all too easy for the accountant, engineer, etc., to operate under the broad assumption that the Company will realize many dollars in total sales amount.

The cost of goods and services is reduced through marketing. By reducing production and distribution costs by advertising the sales of goods or services will increase and the revenue will also increase.
However, someone needs to go into the marketplace and get dollars from society to maintain the company’s activities, because without these supplies the business will die.”
Marketing does provide many chances to earn profits in the method of purchasing and selling assets, by creating time, place, and possession services.
This income and profit are reinvested in the business, thereby making more profits in the future.
Marketing should be provided with the greatest importance since the very survival of the business depends on the effectiveness of the marketing role.

that is why the importance of marketing is more in the present time.


There is growing competition in the market. Customers are getting clear access to the information about the goods and services obtainable in the market.

It produces more pressure on the business to provide quality products to the consumers.

supplying faulty products may create a negative image of the company which affects customer loyalty. If competition is high then the quality of the product will be high


Marketing research assists companies to realize the need of their customers. It helps in promoting goods that fulfill customers’ expectations.

 Customers’ reviews collected from various sources can support the business to make significant changes in the products or goods.

Businesses use marketing to make customers aware of important changes, such as mergers and transfers in ownership that affect goods offerings or seek to increase quality.


Marketing activities help to give low goods and services to society. Powerful utilization of the channel of distribution can assist in decreasing the cost prices of goods and services.

Minimization of the cost will serve to increase the possible clients for the products or services. It also ensures the timely availability of the goods.

Marketing reduces the cost of distribution and if the cost of distribution is reduced then the price of the product will be reduced.  So the customer can purchase the product at a low price.

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Marketing promotes their products. This assists customers to know about different products.  Marketing helps the consumer in making buying decisions.
It helps to enhance the quality of consumer life. Awareness also creates branding. Branding increases sales. sell creates profit.

12. Expansion of the business

Influential marketing enhances the performance of the firm, which facilitates the expansion of the business. Marketing can help businesses to expand business from local to national and national to international markets.

For business expansion, the firm may undertake various activities such as:

  • Market penetration
  • Market development
  • Product development


Importance of marketing to society 🡫🡫

 13. Provide employment

In the Market, we need different enterprises and organizations for example wholesalers, retailers, transportation, storage, finance, insurance, and advertising.

Modern marketing is a total system that includes almost all views of the firm such as purchasing, selling, investment, warehousing, transport, risk-bearing, research & development, etc.

To run this system there is a requirement for people. Thus, marketing provides job opportunities to people.

In the new period of mechanization, minor employments are possible in the production function and the importance of marketing has increased.

It gives more chances of employment in marketing. Opposite, huegy, and Mitchell have correctly pointed out that “To have constant production, there must be constant marketing, only then employment can be sustained and high level of business activity can be extended.


The first objective of marketing is to produce goods and services for the customers to satisfy their needs.

Paul maur defined marketing as, “The delivery of standard of living to the civilization” Marketing helps to identify the requirements of the customers and take action to manufacture quality goods at more affordable prices.

This will help to increase and sustain the standard of living of the customers. In current times, large-scale production of goods and services decreased its prices due to which even the poorer parts can attain a reasonable level of living.

Because of marketing, customers are seeing new things every day. The life of the customer has become more comfortable due to marketing so that is why marketing is very important for society.



In a successful marketing society, if the demand for goods and services increases, then the level of production increases, and more marketing increases, that is why the national income increases.
Every economy rotates around marketing, production, and finance for the industry.

The scientifically planned marketing activities support the economic development of the nation.

Powerful marketing of products and services results in industrialization, more job, and makes the economy more powerful and durable.

Marketing can bring about the rapid development of the country through the combination of agriculture and industry.

Marketing finds and then solves there customer’s pain point

So these were 14 major importance of marketing that every businessman or entrepreneur should know. I hope you guys must have known the Importance of marketing.

I need your help so that I can pass on more new information to you guys.

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FAQ on Marketing
1. What is the main objective of marketing?
Answer – The main objective of marketing is to increase sales and to create awareness of the objective.
2. Why do businesses need effective marketing?
Answer – Effective marketing help business survive in a competitive environment. 
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