Nambi Narayanan - ISRO spy scandal explained - The man behind Rocketry - R Madhavan

Nambi narayanan was interrogated and psychologically tortured. He was told to shift blame on ISRO's Top scientists. Nambi sir refused to outright.

Nambi Narayanan

who is Nambi Narayanan? An ISRO scientist or a cross border spy? We saw the trailer for  The man behind Rocketry rocketry and were confused should we happy that film is made on nambi narayanan the Indian scientist or we should sad because there are fake cases on our heroes?

Nambi narayanan a scientist who said no to NASA & said yes to ISRO but because of one fake case he lost half of his working career life.  In this article we'll tell you the story of a scientist. This is the story of love for science and  for India.

    ISRO & its great achievements 

    A country who transports its Rockets on a bicycle to launch site. How can that country get ahead in the space race? for the longest time, the country believed it too. Then ISRO was founded In a budget lesser than the Martian movie, ISRO sent a mars orbiter Mission to space. ISRO launches satellites at 1/4th cost of SpaceX. today, ISRO is one of the world's most cost efficient space organization. All this was possible because of  some extraordinary scientists. One such scientist is DR. Nambi Narayanan 

    Nambi Narayanan's work 

    Vikram sarabhai sir identified Nambi sir's talent  early only. He told Nambi Sir to go to Ivy league colleges to study. After getting a master in rocket propulsion. He got a chance to work with NASA but he wanted to take India to the stars. That what he did at ISRO. He developed Vikas engine. which is still used to power the PSLV Satellite Launch vehicle .
    If India wishes to send human into other space. We have to work with liquid fuel engines. Nambi sir knew this. in 1990 , Russia signed a contract worth RS 235 crore with India. The US offered the tech for RS 950 crores whereas France was offering the same for 650 crores. this means ISRO was gunning to be an international competitor even in 90s also. 

    Conspiracy against India  

    That's where the conspiracy begins. If India were able to access modern technology then India would become a direct competitor to USA. It would go ahead in the space race by launching satellites at low cost. US realised this and to stop bharat It was essential to keep cryogenic engine technology away from us. 
    US president George H.W bush started putting pressure on Russia. The RS. 235 crore contract with india was cancelled but our Indian scientists are street smarts well. They did not change their 1999 target for the cryogenic engine.
    Many international forces worked overtime to stall India's progress by assassinating the project lead's character. 

    Fake case against Nambi Narayanan 

    Oct 1994, in Thiruvananthapuram, a lady from Maldives was arrested. Her name was Mariam Rasheeda. ISRO's Rocket engine drawings were found this lady on her arrest. It was believed that she intended to sell these drawing to pakistan. Nambi sir was the head of ISRO<s cryogenic rocket project. The next month, Nambi sir was arrested. Nambi sir was kept in jail for 50 days after his arrest. 

    He was interrogated and psychologically tortured. He was told to shift blame on ISRO's Top scientists. Nambi sir refused to outright. That time Newspapers carried slanderous articles on Nambi sir without proof . They said he had sold our secrets to Pakistan for money and the people believed this maybe they forget to use thier commom sense.

     A national hero was turned into villain to night. nambi sir said, "How can i sell a technology that was not existent in india in 1994? Why on earth would any entity want to cultivate  me as a spy to sell them a technology which one was available in the open market and as common brinjal" They say when his wife used to go to temple to pray the priest refused to give her prasaad. Even rickshaw drivers used to abandon nambi sir's wife when they found thier identity.

    Tell me one thing, a man who reject a job at NASA why would he sell secrets to Pakistan for some money?
    The CBI junked the case  in 1996 saying there was no proof. The CBI said the case had no merits and should be dismissed. It was fake case but it went to supreme court. The Supreme court sided in favour of Nambi sir. There were many interviews of nambi sir while the case was on.


    After 1994, because 0f this fake case. India space sector progress slowed down sector tremendously. The cryogenic technology that would been functional by '99. That technology tool another 15 years to get developed. Think where ISRO could have been today had we believed in our scientists and not on rumours and fake cases by giving sir the padma bhushan in 2019 the country proved that it did not doubt nambi sir' s patriotism


    we specially want to thank R madhavn sir for bringing Nambi sir's story to world through this film. Our scientists are this country's real heroes. ON basis of skill they can get jobs in other countries very easily and improve thier standard of living but still, they choose to stay back. They stay in thus less then perfect system to improve it.
    They are not rejected by NASA in fact they rejected NASA and sharing the stories of real heroes with you makes difference to me.